Are we going to the wrong world?

For years now, humanity is looking to the stars and beyond to find the answers to their biggest problems. With the earth being polluted and humanity seeking out a new home, we set our sails to the stars in search of a place to call home. With the moon being our first plan that was discarded. Mars, the red planet in the sky is society’s next vacation of choice but… perhaps we should be taking a closer look a Venus instead.

The Martian Planet


A place above the clouds

The future

As time goes on Venus may slowly gain more and more relevancy within the scientific community. Soon, we might ditch our plans for Mars and take to the skies above the clouds. However, for now, we can only keep dreaming and learning so that was ready for what the future has in store. Who knows, maybe we might one day find ourselves somewhere that we could only dream about among the stars.


  • Mars is the current destination for humanity as of now for the future
  • This idea isn’t new and is still being explored with new advances in technology
  • Venus’ stratosphere is very livable and much more like Earth than Mars is
  • HAVOC is a mission devised by NASA that is targeted at Venus’ upper atmosphere to collect more data about future implications of this area
  • A home in the clouds of Venus might be humanities next stop

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