For years now, humanity is looking to the stars and beyond to find the answers to their biggest problems. With the earth being polluted and humanity seeking out a new home, we set our sails to the stars in search of a place to call home. With the moon being our first plan that was discarded. Mars, the red planet in the sky is society’s next vacation of choice but… perhaps we should be taking a closer look a Venus instead.

The Martian Planet

Currently, Mars is the rave of the scientific community. This is probably because, from the outside, Mars looks fairly…

Where we are today in society

Every day we are making advancements in technology from medicine to rocketry. We continue making some of the wildest and most science fiction sounding ideas that make our minds explode. Millions of ideas going through our brains on what we might see next with this technology. One of those large advancements that are quite new in fact, is able to use photons to change the wiring of your brain. But how does that even work?

How the brain works

So to answer that question we need to first talk about the brain. The brain is the most important organ in the body made out…

An AI Centered, Holistic Approach


Most people get sick. Every person before receiving treatment needs to get diagnosed. Diagnoses are usually made with the current symptoms of the patients. However, almost 5.08% of patients are misdiagnosed in the U.S. every year. This is a HUGE number due to the number of patients being diagnosed worldwide.

Why is this such a large problem?

The origins of misdiagnosis are largely centered around a few central factors: lack of coordination in visits and patient data, isolated diagnoses, and wasteful spending and time in both patient and clinical sectors.

Ultimately, this is a huge issue due to the fact that there’s simply too much medical data…

Rohan Ganesh Charach

TKS Innovator

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